According to the Aberdeen Group, 26% of workers at large enterprises are independent contractors of some type. Most progressive companies now utilize the “flexible workforce” as a vital component of their strategic workforce plan. However, managing this contingent workforce is different than managing full-time employees. Variables such as contracts, compensation structures, and scope of work must be addressed in a way that enables consultant and contractor effectiveness, and ensures full regulatory compliance.

Through our Collabrus subsidiary, M Squared Consulting can provide all the services you need to effectively manage your professional, senior-level contingent workforce while protecting your company from worker misclassification and co-employment risks. As your trusted contingent workforce advisor, we help you attract and retain top flexible talent, control costs, and reduce potential exposure.

Collabrus provides payroll, compliance, and management services that ensure the contingent workforce is correctly classified and paid according to federal, state, and local regulations. For senior and executive consultants and contractors, we provide a full range of benefits such as healthcare, 401k, and other programs that these professionals demand. All services are delivered by our experienced and responsive support team of specialized experts, and to protect our clients we utilize these same services when we deploy consultants and independent contractors on M Squared Consulting engagements.

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