Survey: Corporate World Doesn’t “Like” Facebook…Yet

With a whopping 158 million unique U.S. visitors, Facebook is a social media force to be reckoned with, but is it primarily for family and friends or does it also hold real value for business purposes?  M Squared Consulting asked that very question in the latest online pulse survey and found the vast majority (65 percent) believe it’s really for family and friends; less than a third (31 percent) says it’s moved into the corporate mainstream. Four percent are uncertain either way (maybe they are still trying to figure out how to use the new Timeline feature).

With its stock currently trading below the IPO price, Facebook is going on the offensive trying to convince corporate America that advertising on the site is effective. A telling excerpt from a Los Angeles Times story this week reads “Marketers flock to the wildly popular site to get their brands in front of Facebook’s nearly 1 billion users. They build fan pages and get Facebook users to ‘like’ them, but have been more wary about buying ads.”

Clearly, as Corporate America begins to engage with customers and potential customers on Facebook, it’s still searching for ways to harness the full potential of the social media giant to sell more widgets.

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