Nov. 23rd Snapshot: The New World of Work

In a continuing effort to keep an eye on the ever-evolving workforce — especially as it relates to the flexible workforce and the “new world of work” — we are always on the lookout for current news stories, interesting tidbits and thoughtful commentary. 

This week, we feature:

  • Two thoughtful and compelling articles in U.S. News & World Report titled “Larger Temporary Workforce Could Be New Normal” and “Are Employers to Blame for the Skills Gap?”
  • An important story in International Business Times that sums up why many smart and successful businesses are turning to the top-tier flexible workforce to achieve their business goals
  • An interesting seasonal hiring story in Staffing Industry Analysts as we continue to watch emerging and ongoing workforce trends at all levels

Here’s the latest scoop:

– In two recent U.S. News & World Report stories, important workforce topics are explored including the continued growth and permanence of the contingent workforce and the growing skills gap disconnect.   For more, go to  and also

– A timely story by Human Capital Magazine was posted by International Business Times titled “Executive contracting and the market dynamic” outlines why successful companies are employing a continent workforce strategy in order to be more flexible, control costs and manage risk.  To read the complete story, go to

– With the holiday shopping season upon us, it’s interesting to follow seasonal hiring trends given that everything — including seasonal staffing and consumer confidence expectations — can affect other aspects of the economy and workforce.   To read an article titled “News: ‘Tis the Season (to Hire) from Staffing Industry Analysts, visit

Join the conversation…we invite you to share your feedback, insight and experiences about these and other topics having to do with today’s “new world of work.”

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