June 8th Snapshot: The New World of Work

We continue to keep an eye on the ever-evolving workforce, especially as it relates to the flexible workforce and the “new world of work.” We are always on the lookout for current news stories, interesting tidbits and thoughtful commentary to pass along to you.

This week, we feature:

– A “Career Hot Seat” article published this week by FOXBusiness titled “Three Reasons the Job Market is Still Suffering”. It highlights the primary barriers hurting job creation and what can be done to overcome them, one of which is fostering an entrepreneurial spirit:  “careers can no longer be pursued, they must be created.” To read more, click here.

– An interesting article posted online this week by Staffing Industry Analysts titled “The Role of the CW Manager” explains the changing responsibilities and emergence of an entirely new – and increasingly important – position within a company: the contingent workforce manager.  Read the article.

– A Forbes Magazine article titled “Silicon Valley Is Creating Real Jobs By Making Real Things” provides an interesting perspective about the factors in play that make conditions right for a booming and innovative jobs market. For more, visit the website.

Join the conversation…we invite you to share your feedback, insight and experiences about these and other topics having to do with today’s “new world of work.”

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